River City SAR is actively seeking volunteers to fill several important roles within our administrative and operations divisions.  Search & rescue is a physically demanding task.  Many times, volunteers are out in the elements for 6-12 hours at a time, during the heat of the day or the dead of night, with all of the supplies you need on your back.  Searching requires you to be in good physical and mental shape, and above all flexible.  Searches are very fluid situations, with information constantly changing.  Volunteers will work hand in hand with members of law enforcement, fire departments, EMS, and emergency management agencies to bring a resolution to a situation.  Volunteers may be called to assist in looking for children that have wandered away, or the elderly.  Because of this, we require each volunteer to undergo a stringent background check upon initial application, and if accepted, annually thereafter.  Because we are a non-profit and survive solely off of donations and grants, applicants must pay for their initial background check.  Once accepted, River City SAR will pay for the annual background check for as long as you remain an active volunteer.  

    If River City SAR sounds like the place for you, the first thing to do is fill out our membership application, located below.  Instructions to return it are located on the application.  Once your application is reviewed, you'll be sent an email from a member of our staff.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


   Available positions within the Administrative Division include:

  • Scribe - As a scribe, you will be responsible for keeping accurate and complete notes about every action that is taken during a call out.  You may be assigned to the command post or another location, and documenting personnel checking in and out, or radio traffic.  
  • Quartermaster  - As a quartermaster, you will be responsible for keeping track of all team gear that is issued out to team members and/or other agencies.
  • Communications Technician - As a communications technician, you will set up and operate two way radios to communicate between the command post and the teams in the field

   Available positions within the Operations Division include:

  • Searcher - Searchers are the backbone of what we do.  You will be in the field searching for a lost or missing person, or items of evidentiary value.  This is the most physically demanding position on the team.  Within the position of searcher, there are specialty positions of navigator and crew leader, both of which require advanced training and experience.  
  • Communications Technician - As a communications technician, you will be responsible for ensuring the teams in the field have the ability to communicate with the command post.  You may be assigned to a search team, or a relay point.  
  • Runner - As a runner, you will be responsible for relaying messages, items, or personnel from point to point.  
  • First Responder/EMT/Paramedic - As a FR/EMT/Medic, you will be responsible for the well being of your fellow team members.  You may be assigned to the command post, a search team, incident aid station, or a roving mobile team.